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6 September
corona-safe play
‘Life is a mystery
Everyone must stand alone’
We are living in times of isolation. More and more we find ourselves cut off from each other, retreating into the security of borders erected around our nations, our cities, our homes, our bodies. In such a climate, fear and mistrust of the other are often our go-to survival mechanisms, as the joy we can feel in togetherness with unknown others becomes increasingly hard to find, unsafe, even illegal.

The Dating Project is a playful and interactive live game that invites participants to question these go-to mechanisms. Is it possible to open up to others when the instructions we receive from our governments are to do the exact opposite? How do we establish the trust of a stranger when we are told to be cautious? Are we even allowed to have fun together? Can we let go? What is stopping us if we can’t? What happens when we do?

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